Welcome to the wonderful world of coin collecting!


Being an avid collector I started Lillys Coins by sharing some of the duplicates I have in my personal collection. I also had many mint products and coins from rolls purchased by me directly from the mint and other reputable dealers. Many auction items were won at below wholesale prices or because they were just too beautiful to pass up. These I want to share with others through Lilly's Coins. 
The supplies and books you see are purchased wholesale and I will be offering them at the best price I can to help contribute to the educating of others about coin collecting.
This is most certainly a labor of love and really isn't meant to make millions. I hope that you find it fun and interesting to browse our products which are designed mainly for the collector and those just beginning to collect. I will do my best to give helpful advice when asked or at least steer you in the right direction for any inquiries you may have. Thanks for visiting Lilly's Coins and happy collecting!