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US Mint: American Innovation Coins

Posted by Elizabeth Frazier on

While so many new coin designs and coin design ideas could have been picked for the American Dollar here we are. Quite honestly I like the new design. I like the subject too. There is nothing more boring then a presidents head on a coin.
Now, as far as there being 4 new designs annually-not so much. And on top of that the proof coins are being sold separately for a whopping $6.95 plus shipping. None of these coins will be available in the annual proof sets or the annual uncirculated coin sets. At least not at the time of this blog so far as I can tell. So, for most collectors trying to complete their sets, this means another separate purchase from the coin sets they have already invested in. Ugh! 
But again, I do love the design. Lady Liberty proudly holds her torch of freedoms hope. And american innovation, born from the heart of that freedom is a subject that I think most of us can appreciate. 
If you happen to come across this blog I would love to here what you the collector think.


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